Our Favourite Northumberland Tipples

If there’s one thing we’re getting more and more popular for here in Northumberland, it’s definitely our own homegrown alcoholic tipples. So if you’re visiting over the next few months, here are a few of our favourite local brands for you to look out for and try.


The trend of the decade has to be gin and we have some of the most incredible distilleries, right here in the heart of our region.  

Hepple Gin 

At an estate in the remote Northumberland Hills, Hepple Spirits distils local wild botanicals to create their best-selling gins, spirits and cocktails.
Each ingredient is carefully selected from the local landscape by the company’s foraging master and triple distilled to capture its true taste. Creating Hepple Gin takes five times longer than a conventional gin in order to preserve the true flavours of the wild and give it its truly unique taste.

Alnwick Gin  

This award-winning gin combines juniper, rosehip, lavender and a hint of fennel to create its fashionable small batch gin. 
Every batch is restricted to just 100 litres so that every sip of Alnwick gin tastes exactly as the creators intended.


Another gin from the fantastic team at Northumberland Spirit, Firestorm gin really packs a punch. 
This triple distilled gin is designed to capture the true essence of ancient Northumbria and includes citrus and spice to add that extra slice of passion to the spirit.

Holy Island Gin 

Produced on Lindisfarne, Holy Island Gin has been formulated to reflect the freshness of the Northumberland coastline.
Created from 11 carefully selected botanicals, the gin includes juniper, nutmeg, elderberries, sweet orange peel, rose petal and hibiscus.


There’s nothing better than enjoying a long walk out in the Northumberland countryside before coming home to enjoy a well-deserved beer. If you’re out and about in Northumberland, here are a few of our favourite brands to look out for.

Muckle Brewing 

Situated close to Hadrian’s Wall, Muckle Brewing is a small family run brewery which specialises in unfiltered and naturally carbonated beers.

Rigg and Furrow 

Rigg and Furrow has given an old Northumberland milk parlour a new lease of life, transforming it into an authentic farmhouse brewery.
From pale ales to barrel aged blended stouts, you can shop their full range of products online and even head to the brewery yourself to pick them up when out and about on your travels.

Twice Brewed 

One of the most famous breweries in Northumberland thanks to its peak location right next to Sycamore Gap, the Twice Brewed Inn offers brewery tours one a month where you can sample the company’s iconic local beers and new blends.
You can also pick up their full range of beers in a cask, keg, bottle or can, directly from the taproom.


Alnwick Rum Company 

If rum is more to your taste, then Alnwick rum is the way to go. Produced in Northumberland since 1914, the rum uses a blend of carefully selected Jamaican and Guyana rums aged up to three years in American oak barrels to create its signature taste.

Lindisfarne Mead 

With over 2.5m bottles sold worldwide and over 500k visitors to their shop every year, Lindisfarne Mead is definitely the people’s favourite. 
Selling a range of traditional meads including spiced, dark and pink along with a range of other carefully crafted fruit wines, it’s well worth paying a visit and heading to the tasting bar.

Kitty’s Ginger Wine 

A tipple doesn’t always have to be alcoholic, which is where Kitty’s Ginger Wine comes in. Produced in Blyth, this authentic family-recipe passed down through generations uses root ginger and natural ingredients to give a peppery sweet finish.

Marlish Water/Tonic 

We’ve given you spirits, now how about mixers. Marlish tonics are handmade and bottled at source on Marlish Farm in Northumberland.

Coming Soon

Ad Gefrin

We couldn’t talk about tipples without mentioning the incredible Ad Gefrin English Whisky Distillery which is set to open in Wooler in the Autumn (2022).
From a recreated great hall showcasing where the great Kings and Queens of Northumbria would celebrate, to the superb whisky distillery using water brought up from the Northumberland landscape using a borehole to create the purest blend, this is definitely a tasting tour to look out for. 

What’s your favourite Northumberland tipple? Do we need to add any to the list? Make sure to head over to our Instagram @woodenstarcottages and tag in your favourites.


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