Ad Gefrin

Image courtesy of Ad Gefrin photography credit to Sally Ann Norman

Unveiling Ad Gefrin: Where History meets innovation

Ad Gefrin is more than just a new visitor attraction; it’s a captivating journey through time.  This unique destination seamlessly blends Anglo-Saxon heritage with modern innovation, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.  You’ll discover the rich Anglo-Saxon legacy of the region via the museum and the Grand Hall.  But Ad Gefrin isn’t just about the past. Here, tradition intertwines with the future through a brand new, multi-million pound distillery. 

The Ad Gefrin Story

In 1949, a hot summer revealed a hidden piece of history.  Aerial photographs near the hamlet of Yeavering revealed the outline of a potential lost site.  Exciting archaeological excavations followed, unearthing a large complex of timber halls, an enclosure and large grandstand.  Yeavering itself boasted settlements since the Bronze Age, but this discovery is believed to be a palace belonging to the Anglo-Saxon kings and queens.  The location, in the shadow of the Cheviot Hills, provided fertile farmland and plenty of resources for the Anglo Saxons to build their summer residence.  The palace was named Ad Gefrin, meaning ‘by the hill of the goats’.    

The Ad Gefrin Experience

Whilst there are no ruins at the original palace site, the Ad Gefrin experience is just 4 miles away.  It works in partnership with The Gefrin Trust to reimagine and showcase artefacts and collections within their museum and Great Hall.  This new visitors centre has been built by a world class team.  With a focus on craftsmanship, it is also sympathetic to the historical context.  For example, the Great Hall is built to the same width as the palace at Yeavering.  Visitors can book tours and explore the stories and artefacts behind Northumbria’s Anglo-Saxon ‘Golden Age’.    In addition to the history, the visitor centre also boasts a world class whisky distillery and a delightful bistro serving local Northumbrian cuisine.   

From Grain to Glass: Witnessing the Magic of Whisky Making

Whisky aficionados and curious minds alike will be enthralled by Ad Gefrin’s distillery tours. Witness the entire process, from the selection of carefully sourced local barley to the intricate steps of the distilling process.  Including mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Learn about the traditional methods and the innovative techniques that set Ad Gefrin apart.  Although Ad Gefrin’s own single malt whisky is still maturing in casks (it takes a minimum of three years!).  Visitors can still tantalise their taste buds with the “Táncbora” blend. Crafted from a meticulous selection of Irish and Scottish whiskies,  this blend offers a delightful preview of the exceptional quality soon to emerge from Ad Gefrin’s own stills.

Visiting Tips

Whether you’re fascinated by Anglo-Saxon heritage, drawn to the allure of a modern distillery, or simply seeking a delicious meal, Ad Gefrin has something for everyone.

Step Back in Time: Immerse yourself in Northumbria’s rich Anglo-Saxon past. Explore their collection of rare and fascinating artefacts, engage with interactive displays and embark on guided tours through the museum and grand hall.

Unveiling the Future: Witness the future unfold at Ad Gefrin’s impressive new distillery. Learn about the intricate process of crafting unique spirits like gin and whisky, where tradition meets cutting-edge technology.

Relax and Refuel: After your historical and innovative explorations, unwind and savou  r a delicious meal at the on-site bistro. Don’t forget to browse the shop, where you can find a selection of Ad Gefrin’s own whisky and other locally sourced treasures.

For more information about visiting Ad Gefrin and to book any tours please visit their website below:

All images courtesy of Ad Gefrin, photography credit to Sally Ann Norman.

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