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Exploring the Springtime Splendour of Northumberland in May

Northumberland, a gem in the North East of England, always has something to offer visitors.  With spring in full swing, Northumberland in May truly shines, offering an idyllic retreat.  The landscape and countryside comes alive, perfectly complemented by the mild, welcoming weather that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Rainbow over Hadrians wall in Northumberland.

Vibrant Landscapes and Ideal Weather

The month of May transforms Northumberland into a springtime spectacle.  The countryside is awash with the vibrant yellows of gorse, the blue-purple hues of the bluebells and the beautiful blossom of the blackthorn and hawthorn hedges.  In addition to this wildflower tapestry, Northumberland welcomes back the graceful swallows.  What better place to enjoy this splendour than Hadrian’s Wall.  A celebrated UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a historic backdrop that enhances this springtime feast for the senses.  

View of Alnwick Gardens with abundant green spaces

A Thriving Season of Events

With the arrival of spring, Northumberland’s event calendar bursts into life. A particular highlight is Alnwick Garden, with over 300 Taihaku Cherry Blossom Trees bursting into life from late April to early May.  A meandering path weaves through the stunning white blossoms, creating an unforgettable experience.  As well as the elegant white cherry blossom, Alnwick Garden has plenty of other spring time wonders to explore.  A handy ‘What’s in Bloom’ monthly calendar, ensures visitors make the most of the garden’s horticultural excellence and creativity.   Visitors can wander through beautifully curated gardens, participate in workshops and take part in guided tours.  

After soaking in the magic of the springtime blooms, why not head to the world’s largest treehouse to enjoy a fine dining experience.  Built around 16 lime trees with tree walkways, it’s certainly a one-of-a-kind day out in Northumberland!   

Woodenstar Cottages: The Ideal Springtime Retreat

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From the doorstep of your cottage, you can easily access the various local attractions. Whether you’re hiking across the picturesque landscape or visiting the vibrant Alnwick Garden.  Wooden Star Cottages offer the perfect setting for a memorable spring adventure in Northumberland.

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