Northumberland Ghost Stories

Did you see that shadow? Can you feel the chill in the air? Welcome to Northumberland’s spooky season. We couldn’t celebrate Halloween without listing a few of our famous spooky locations and ghost stories. Explore at your own risk!
The Simonside Duergars 
When exploring the beautiful landscape of Simonside Hills, beware of the duergars. Legend has it that they prey on lost travellers during the dead of night, tempting them away with a small light into their bogs. They attack at night so beware! 
The Aydon Castle Ghosts 
This 14th century castle has been witness to many tragic events in its history. A few lost souls are said to still reside in the castle, including two children from a family who were killed by a fire. Many psychics have said to feel a paranormal presence in the castle, so exploring here may not be for the faint of heart. 
Paranormal Kielder Castle 
The paranormal activities that go on at Kielder Castle have been noted by many occupiers and visitors. They tell tales of objects being moved, apparitions, footsteps and unexplained voices. Apparently, it is home to a grey lady and a servant girl named Emma . Plus the ghostly sound of footsteps are often reported running up and down the main stairs. See for yourself and take part in their ghostly investigation. 
Haunted Chillingham Castle 
A castle with one of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country, what could be better? See if you can spot the blue boy wandering through the corridors or the sound of a royal procession from a time long forgotten. Head there to take part in one of their ghost investigations which run throughout the year.
Pirate Grave 
What is believed to be the oldest church in Northumberland, means there have been some spooky sightings. Many residents have said there is a cyclist, dressed in work attire with a grey face and rattling teeth that patrols the grounds. No one is sure why he is there, but it’s thought his presence is not pleasant. 
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