Northumberland County Show

Jonathon Marshall – Photography courtesy of Northumberland County Show

Discover the Charms of Rural Heritage at the Northumberland County Show 2024

Are you ready for a day full of excitement, tradition, and the very best of rural Northumberland? Then look no further than the Northumberland County Show 2024.  An event that brilliantly showcases the essence of Northumberland’s agriculture, farming, food and crafts. This years festivities will be held on Saturday 25th May 2024, at Bywell near Stocksfield.  A day marked on the calendar as a highlight for both locals and visitors from across the country.

A Celebration of Agriculture and Community

The Northumberland County Show is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the region’s rich agricultural heritage.  It provides a welcome break between the busy lambing season and the start of harvest.  Offering a day of relaxation, friendly competition and celebrating the community’s hard work.  With over 30,000 visitors last year, the show has cemented itself as a major attraction.  It brings together more than 300 trade stands and features a spectacular array of main arena events.

A Feast for the Senses

There’s so much to see and do with a variety of exhibitions and competitions. The spotlight shines on the livestock, with everything from cows and sheep to alpacas and goats, not to mention the charming rabbits and cavies. The equine events combine glamour and skill, showcasing riders navigating challenging courses and show jumps. Meanwhile, the stately heavy horses, with their gleaming harnesses, promise a spectacle of their own.

More Than Just Livestock

But the Northumberland County Show offers more than just animal exhibitions. It’s a holistic celebration of local culture and heritage. Enjoy live music that sets a festive tone.  Indulge in a variety of delicious food and drink options and find unique treasures at numerous shopping stalls. The event is a firm family favourite with numerous entertainment options for children, ensuring a fun day out for the entire family.

Join the Competition

Feeling competitive? The show features a range of competitions. From the heat of the ‘bake off’ classes in the Competitive Home Crafts marquee to the physical challenge of the tug of war, there’s something for everyone who wishes to participate. Traditional Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling and one of the country’s largest stick dressing competitions are also part of the mix, drawing competitors and spectators alike.

The Grand Parade

The days competitive spirit peaks with the Grand Parade of livestock.  This is where the best of the best vie for the coveted Champion of Champions title. This parade showcases the finest animals raised by dedicated farmers, reflecting the pride and care of the Northumberland agricultural community.

A happy child playing in a summer park. The girl is running, spinning, spinning and laughing

Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re a returning visitor or new to the charms of rural Northumberland, the County Show is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the heart of the county’s traditions and community spirit.

Don’t miss this wonderful occasion to celebrate the best of farming, food, and rural culture. Mark your calendars, pack your wellies, and get ready for a memorable adventure at the Northumberland County Show 2024!  

For more details about the show including buying your tickets, please visit the link below to the Northumberland Country Show website.  

We hope you will enjoy, celebrate and participate in Northumberland’s finest, for what promises to be a fantastic day out for all ages.

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