must see sites on hadrian's wall Northumberland

Explore 5 Must See Sites on Hadrian's Wall Northumberland

Hadrian’s Wall stands as a testament to ancient Roman engineering.  Spanning coast to coast across Northern England, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers visitors a unique glimpse into historical Roman Britain.  The Northumberland section of Hadrian’s Wall offers dramatic landscapes, unearthed Roman treasures, ruins of Roman forts and a world class museum.  Here, at Wooden Star Cottages, our self catering holiday lets are ideally located to explore these gems.  We’ve created an itinerary of 5 must see sites on Hadrian’s Wall Northumberland. So lace up your boots, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to explore this iconic Roman landmark!

Must see sites on Hadrian's Wall Northumberland

1. Housesteads Roman Fort: A Glimpse into Roman Life

Perched atop a rugged escarpment, Housesteads Roman Fort is one of the best-preserved Roman forts along the wall. Explore the ancient barracks, hospital, granaries and communal toilets and you’ll be transported back to the lives of Roman soldiers.   The fort’s museum enriches the experience, offering insights into the daily routines and challenges faced by those who called Housesteads home nearly 2,000 years ago. 

Visit the English Heritage website below to find more information including tickets and prices.   

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2. Vindolanda: Beyond the Wall

Just a stones throw from Hadrian’s Wall, Vindolanda reveals the depth of Roman presence in Britain. This extensive fort and settlement are renowned for the Vindolanda Tablets, offering a candid look at Roman life through personal letters and official documents. With ongoing archaeological excavations, Vindolanda is a living museum where history continues to unfold.  Additionally, there is a world class museum on site providing a fascinating day out for history buffs and curious explorers alike.

must see sites on Hadrian's Wall - Sycamore Gap

3. Walking Sycamore Gap from the sill

Exploring Hadrian’s Wall on foot is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to retrace the steps of history. One of the most iconic sections of the wall is Sycamore Gap.  Famously known for its solitary tree framed perfectly by the wall’s undulating path. This spot, immortalised in film and photographs, has now become infamous due to the felling of the tree in 2023.  Despite this tragic loss, the connection to the natural beauty of Northumberland is still as strong as ever.  

The Sill National Park Discovery Centre offers a convenient starting point for your Hadrian’s Wall trek.  The centre itself is a base to explore the importance of the landscape and is described as a gateway to the National Park.  Additionally, there are exhibitions, a shop and cafe.  Upon your return, don’t miss their delicious cake selection – the perfect post-walk treat!

Must see sites on Hadrian's Wall Northumberland - cawfields

4. Cawfields Quarry: Nature’s Amphitheatre

Cawfields Quarry showcases Hadrian’s Wall in dramatic fashion, with steep cliffs and a tranquil lake setting the stage for a spectacular view. This site, part of Northumberland’s International Dark Sky Park, offers not just daytime exploration but also the chance to gaze upon the stars through some of the clearest skies in England. Undoubtedly, it’s an ideal spot for those who seek the tranquility of nature and the thrill of discovery.

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5.Corbridge Roman Town - Hadrian's Wall

Step back in time at Corbridge, a Roman town that thrived alongside Hadrian’s Wall. Although two miles from the wall, it was a supply base for food and provisions and offers a window into Roman life as a place where soldiers and civilians once mingled.   The museum has treasures like the Corbridge Hoard, a trove of Roman armour and trinkets.  In addition, there is the Corbridge Collection, the largest Hadrian’s Wall collection.  Corbridge itself is still a bustling village and well worth a visit with lots of independent cafes, restaurants and shops to help you refuel after a day exploring!   

Embrace the Adventure

Hadrian’s Wall is more than just a monument; it’s a journey through history, nature, and human endeavour. Each of these five must see sites on Hadrian’s Wall Northumberland, offers a unique perspective on Roman Britain and the enduring legacy of its people. From the quiet beauty of Sycamore Gap to the bustling life of Vindolanda, the wall invites adventurers of all ages to explore its secrets.

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