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Discover Family Friendly Days Out in Northumberland

Welcome to Northumberland, a hidden gem in the UK, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, historical treasures, and warm welcoming communities. At Wooden Star Cottages, we’re passionate about making your stay unforgettable. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, our incredible region has something for everyone. Specifically, if you’re looking to explore with your family, we’ve listed 5 fantastic family friendly days out in Northumberland.  Discover magic and wonder and create memories that last a lifetime!

must see sites on hadrian's wall Northumberland

1. Hadrian's Wall and Roman Forts: Step Back in Time

For families drawn to the mysteries of ancient history, Hadrian’s Wall offers a gateway to Roman Britain. Stroll along the remnants of this ancient fortification and explore historic sites like Housesteads or Vindolanda. These forts come to life through immersive museums and interactive exhibits, making history accessible and engaging for all ages. Furthermore, the surrounding landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a family hike, with trails that cater to every level of adventurer.  All within easy reach of our holiday cottages.  

Family friendly days out in Northumberland - Alnwick Castle - Northumberland - England

2. Alnwick Castle: A Magical Day Out

Step into a world where history meets magic at Alnwick Castle, famously known as one of the locations in the Harry Potter films. There are opportunities to join ‘Broomstick Training’ in the spot where Harry had his first flying lesson.  However, this iconic castle isn’t just for movie buffs (although there’s plenty to see!).  It’s a haven for families eager to explore its rich history through engaging tours, medieval crafts, and a wide range of events throughout the season.  In addition to the seasonal events, for children,  there’s also an ongoing Dragon Quest – a journey through a mirror maze.  Explore their website via the link below to see the full range of events.  

Family friendly days out in Northumberland - Bamburgh Castle - England

3. Bamburgh Castle and Beach: A Tale of Two Beauties

Dominating the coastline with its majestic stature, Bamburgh Castle’s history is as fascinating as its architecture. Dive into interactive exhibits that bring its storied past to life.  Bamburgh offers some fantastic family friendly events, such as School of Warriors, Castle Critters, Summer Crafts, history re-enactments – to name but a few.  Just a stones throw away, Bamburgh Beach awaits with its pristine sands and crystal-clear waters.  Ideal for a family picnic or a leisurely day soaking up the sea air and building sandcastles.

Puffins - Farne Islands - England

4. The Farne Islands: Nature's Spectacle

Embark on a maritime adventure to the Farne Islands, a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts. A short boat trip from the Seahouses harbour to the islands reveals a bustling colony of puffins, seals, and myriad of seabirds, providing an amazing opportunity for birdwatching and photography. The journey itself offers adventure and stunning views of Northumberland’s rugged coastline, an unforgettable family day out.  

View of a picturesque cragside housenestled in the midst of a lush forest

5. Cragside House and Gardens: Innovation Meets Nature

Discover the marvel of Cragside House, the world’s first home powered by hydroelectricity. This marvel of Victorian engineering is nestled within a landscape of gardens, woodlands, and lakes waiting to be explored. Follow the network of paths to uncover hidden play areas, intriguing sculptures, and interactive displays about renewable energy, appealing to curious minds and future inventors.

Making Memories in Northumberland

Northumberland is a land of contrasts, where history and modernity, nature and culture, tranquility and adventure coexist. We hope our suggestions of family friendly days out in Northumberland has sparked your imagination and provided inspiration to help plan some unforgettable adventures.   

Remember, the best adventures are those shared with loved ones. So pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and join us in Northumberland for a family holiday that promises to be anything but ordinary.

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