Easter egg hunts in Northumberland

National Trust & English Heritage Egg Hunts in Northumberland

With Easter on the horizon, Northumberland is bursting with some egg-cellent fun!  If you are planning a family getaway in one of our stunning holiday cottages this Easter, we’ve handpicked our top 5 Easter egg hunts in Northumberland, offered by the National Trust and English Heritage properties to make your family trip unforgettable.

Embrace tradition, Reconnect with Nature

This Easter, why not embark on an adventure and discover the magic of egg trails at National Trust and English Heritage properties? Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking a family fun, these iconic sites offer something to delight everyone.  

The tradition of Easter egg hunts offers a welcome opportunity to slow down, reconnect with nature, and create cherished memories with loved ones. Through the efforts of organisations like the National Trust and English Heritage, these adventures are kept alive, providing families with the chance to explore the beauty and history of the British countryside in new and exciting ways.

National Trust: Nature-Themed Eggstravaganzas

The National Trust is renowned for its stunning gardens and historic houses. During the Easter season, many of their properties offer visitors the chance to take part in  Easter egg trails. From sprawling country estates to quaint gardens and rugged coastlines, there’s no shortage of picturesque settings to explore.

As such, their egg hunts are designed to get you exploring the great outdoors and beautiful spaces while engaging in nature-inspired challenges and working together to solve the family-friendly puzzles.  In addition, every completed trail leads to a chocolate prize treat  – an added bonus with National Trust is that they also cater for those with dietary needs.

Easter Egg hunts in Northumberland

English Heritage: History Hunts with a Twist

English Heritage boasts a collection of over 400 historic sites across England and invites families to join in the Easter festivities with their own unique twist on the traditional egg hunt. From ancient castles and majestic abbeys to rugged cliffs and landscaped gardens, their properties offer a diverse array of settings in which to seek out hidden treasures.

Their Easter adventures in Northumberland transform castles, Roman forts and other historical sites into exciting Easter egg playgrounds. Alongside the egg hunt and chocolatey treat, these themed trails allow families to discover fascinating facts, making history come alive for everyone.  

The Great Easter Egg Hunt Showdown: Choosing Your Adventure

Both National Trust and English Heritage trails in Northumberland offer fantastic Easter egg trails, but which one is right for you?  Unquestionably, all of the suggested trails are great days out!  The National Trust trails suggested below are particularly good for younger children, with a focus on nature and play; both Cragside and Wallington having several fantastic playparks too. The English Heritage trails we’ve handpicked might be more engaging for older kids who enjoy a historical twist, such as Chesters Roman Fort or Warkworth Castle.  Perhaps the middle ground is Belsay Hall & Gardens which has an added advantage of hosting a Lego Brick Build Event too. 

Easter Egg Hunts in Northumberland:
Our Top 5 Locations

We’ve listed each trail below making it easier for you to choose the perfect adventure for the whole family.  So grab your basket, put on your bunny ears, and get ready for a family adventure with our top 5  Northumberland Trails!


There are 10 activity stations to find together with games and activities along the way.  Furthermore, there’s plenty to see at Cragside too.  Labelled Britain’s original smart home, it’s filled with Victorian gadgets,  Cragside also has fantastic outdoor space, with an extended play area and labyrinth. 

29th March to 1st April 


The trail at Wallington explores the Courtyard and West Wood with numerous fun activities along the way.  The Wallington Estate is a vast 13,500-acre site.  Highlights for families include the house, outdoor areas with four play areas, woodland, river walk and hidden walled garden.   

29th March to 1st April

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

Hosting Easter Adventure Quests, Belsay has clues hidden around the grounds on their Easter egg trails.  As well as the egg hunts, Belsay also has a Lego Brick Build Event.  This is one of only 7 English Heritage properties to host a brick event this Easter. 

In addition to these events, Belsay is brimming with activities for all the family.  Including, for example, the renowned Quarry Gardens, a new play park, Georgian Hall and Castle. 

23rd March – Sun 14th April 2024

Chester’s Roman Fort

English Heritage have created a hunt for clues around the historical Chesters Fort – the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain.  Once the clues are found and the eggs tracked, participants will be rewarded with a tasty chocolate treat. 

Therefore, if your children love history, Chesters is a great option.  Offering a place to explore ruins along Hadrian’s Wall whilst also discovering how Roman soldiers lived.  In addition to the ruins, there is a museum with finds of jewellery and pottery. 

Easter Adventure

23rd March – 14th April 2024

Warkworth Castle

Head to a castle for the day and take part in an Easter trail at Warkworth.  The Easter quest is available every day of the school holiday. 

In addition to the Easter Trail, there’s plenty to discover at Warkworth.  Not only the castle itself but also the grounds with a series of interactive trails and sculptures. 

23rd March – 14th April

national tust

For more information about the National Trust Easter Egg Hunts  visit: 

National Trust Egg Hunts

english heritage

For more information about the English Heritage Easter Egg Hunts  visit: 

English Heritage Easter Egg Hunts

In conclusion, we hope you’ve enjoyed our Easter egg hunts in Northumberland suggestions and that they inspire you to create a memorable event for your family and friends. Unquestionably, the National Trust and English Heritage trails offer a perfect way to combine Easter fun with a touch of history and fresh air.  

Happy Easter ! 

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